Current to New York is a scaled model of a private Bard College dorm room that was shipped down the Hudson River on July 23rd, 2022, in hopes that someone finds it. Inside the model is a postcard, as the only form of tracking, with an image of the actual space, a pre-paid postage, and a return address for the receiver to send back to let us know that the model is still somewhere out in the world. As a live event, the boat launch comprised a speech, a group picture, and a toast that took place in Tivoli Landing with the help of the Suminski Innski’s canoes.
Materials: Pine Wood, Plexiglass, Carpet, Solar-Powered LED, Epoxy-Resin, Fishing Weights, Foam, Acrylic, Enamel, and a Postcard with a Return Address, Variable Dimensions
 Photo Documentation by Tin Wai Wong
Video Documentation by Khan Lee
Rowing by Christopher Yuda
Rowing by Taryn Tomasello
Special thanks to Tin Wai Wong, Christopher Yuda, Taryn Tomasello, Khan Lee, Halsey Rodman, Leila Mesdaghi, Ori Carlin, Lotte Leerschool, Lauren Flaaen, Corbin Ferguson, and The Suminski Innski 
"Current to New York" Documentary (15:11mins):
Photo Documentation of the Launch:

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