Open Windows (Installation) is an extension of Open Windows (Postcard) as a spatial installation. Made with 1/8" wood square dowels, Open Windows (Installation) exists as a wall relief, replicating the windows from my apartment with a text engraved on the lower right shelf which contextualizes the performance when selected individuals were invited to open their windows around the globe at 10:00 AM EST.
Facing northwest on one of Bard College's Fischer Art Studio walls, a light beam pours into the lobby from the right, scanning the surface every morning around 10:00 AM EST, allowing viewers to discover a text about the past in relation to a changing present.
Materials: Wood and Acrylic Paint
The engraved text on the right shelf reads:
In the month of December 2022, I sent out a number of postcards to friends inviting them to open their windows on February 3, 2023, with a specific time based on their time zone. The idea was to simultaneously open up our spaces to each other, creating a new form of “global architecture.”
The postcard used to initiate the performance was also left parallel to the wall relief in the lobby:

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